About Edward Denmark

Speaker Edward Denmark is the author of two bestselling books: one on his experiences in the British military Not for queen and country, and the other book We spoke in whispers on his experiences growing up in poverty. He has spoken on national television several times and is frequently interviewed on BBC radio regarding military matters.


When alcohol addiction took control of his mother’s life, it became a fight for Edward to survive the hunger, bullying and misery which surrounded him as a child growing up in extreme poverty.

Remarkably, he still found moments to laugh and be happy. To escape the past and seek adventure, Edward joined the army, where he did not find escape, but faced a hardship and terror beyond anything he imagined. His military journey took him to the 1982 Falklands war, as well as to Northern Ireland fighting the IRA.

His is a journey of contrasts, from utter sorrow and sadness to hilarious escapades, which captivates and inspires audiences. Let the resilience and positivity Edward needed to deal with crisis after crisis inspire you to tackle your own challenges, while teaching you about the reality of war and poverty. The final blow is simply shocking.

Speaking Engagements

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