Who cares anymore?

Who cares anymore?

 The Youngest British soldier to serve in Afghanistan ‘was beaten to death by drunken thugs who then shook hands’ Dave Curnow, 20, was killed in an unprovoked, vodka-fuelled attack during a night out in Redruth, Cornwall, last September. After committing the killing, Liam Laing and Connor Hammond examined the victim’s bloodied body and shook each other’s hands.


PAY-Soldier-Dave-Curnow-in-AfghanistanPAY-David-Curnows-coffin-leaves-the-Truro-Cathedral-in-CornwallI think this incident shows how are society has become more violent and our moral code of conduct has all but disappeared. It comes to something when a young man can survive the Badlands of Afghanistan but be killed on a night out with his girlfriend. There are simply too many young people running about with too much time on their hands and it needs addressing. Yes the police have become less efficient and I don’t think that is just because of Government cuts alone but it has had an effect. I don’t think standards are as good as they used to be and it has had a knock on effect. As in most organisations from the NHS to the police there are simply too many bosses on the take with huge salaries and not enough people on the ground. Sadly the Government don’t see the problem so it will continue until we get a leader who does. From the Armed Forces who are being replaced with reserves to the police filling in with special constables it’s all about money saving yet we continue to give away in foreign aid. This country is heading in the wrong direction and that starts with how the youth are being brought up.     

  • by Don Brassfield Posted April 21, 2016 3:59 pm

    My friend, I must order your book today, I look forward to reading it as I have done with your friend and mine, Tony

    • by Edward Denmark Posted April 22, 2016 6:54 am

      Thank you Don

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