Last night I was talking to Argentine veterans of the Falklands war on Facebook. I served down there during the war as a Rapier Anti-aircraft missile operator. (See my book Not for Queen and Country Amazon) We were subjected to daily air raids from the Argentine Air force in their A4 Skyhawk’s and Mirage fighter jets. These Argentine pilots showed enormous courage coming in very low to press home their attacks at the British ships and landing force. They came under fire from not just our Rapiers but the ships guns, troops firing small arms and portable blowpipe missiles, all this after going through our own Harrier jets who intercepted a lot of them. During my conversation last night I got talking with an A4 Skyhawk fighter pilot Pipi. Who flew missions against us It was surreal to think that at one point in our lives we were both intent on trying to kill each other over disputed land. We believe the Falklands are ours and they believe the Malvinas is theirs. So they took it back by force and we ejected them by force and now the war of words continues. It’s ours, there not there ours and so on. And who really knows what will happen? I don’t, they don’t? But whatever happens look at the human impact those Islands have had on so many lives of those killed and those injured both physically and mentally. No side can back down because they have sacrificed the blood of their sons so we have a standoff that will go on until blood is once more spilled. But whatever misery or tragedy came out of that war it also showed the courage and tenacity of those our political masters rely on when diplomacy fails. I salute my brothers in arms on both sides.

Pipi about to go on a mission and myself waiting for an air raid

Pipi 1Falklands war

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