The snowflake MP

The snowflake MP

Diane Abbott has revealed she is considering getting private security for her home in wake of sickening abuse she has received on social media.

The shadow home secretary spoke openly about the insults she has received from members of the public, admitting the sheer volume of abuse might have made her reconsider a career in parliament with the benefit of hindsight.


This woman is probably one of the most racist of all the members of Parliament yet she is suddenly offended when she receives unpleasant abuse back. Abbott also receives a pay salary way above her ability as an MP not including her fees for television and radio interviews where her response is to roll her eyes when asked a simple question on subjects even school children would know the answer to. But when you consider that there are people who are subject to daily verbal and physical abuse such as nurses and police officers who don’t make anywhere near Abbott’s salary that carry on regardless it shows what a prissy self-opinionated snowflake Abbott really is. The best thing she could do is resign. What other job Abbott would have done had she not become an MP would have been very limited given her inability to do the job she is in without endless moaning and self-pity. Abbott should go and work in a London hospital as a cleaner for a month on their salary and she would soon understand what a privileged life she leads      



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