The last gasps of our nation

The last gasps of our nation

Under heavy security, authorities on the Greek islands of Lesbos and Chios deported 202 refugees on boats bound for Turkey — the first to be sent back as part of a controversial European Union plan to limit the amount of migration to Europe.


This summer, an average of 1,000 refugees arrived every day alone on the Greek islands from Turkey, the country with the highest number of refugees worldwide. So forgive me because maths is not my strong point but this doesn’t add up? IF they manage to send 200 back or even 500 back per day then we still have 500 migrants arriving in Greece each day and no doubt included in that number will be some who have already been sent back! And for this ill thought out plan Turkey want billions of dollars and the right to EU membership so they can flood Europe with,,,,,, migrants. This has Merkel written all over it and the UK are falling for it.

 At some point the system will grind to a halt under sheer numbers of those wanting and not giving and all the Politian’s will begin blaming each other or simply retire on a big fat pay out and leave the nation to sort it out. Our elected leaders are failing us and we have to sit by and watch as they sail this once great nation on to the rocks.  


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