Sacrifice and Freedom

Sacrifice and Freedom

Fury as Labour shadow defence secretary Emily Thornberry refuses to rule out giving up the Falklands to Argentina.


I would expect nothing more from Thornberry she is what it says on the tin “Labour” and that means anything to do with defence of the Realm is just not on her list of priorities. She has had career in Law as a Barrister though I think a coffee barista in the House of Commons canteen would be a better calling for her. She has in the past alluded to being an honorary Lieutenant Colonel. She claims she was given the honour while working at military court hearings Ministry of Defence sources dismissed the claim, insisting there is no record. Regardless of whether Thornberry was given the title or not it shows her mind to rely on such a diluted title. Much in the same way people are given “Honouree Degrees” they mean nothing because being made an Honouree Doctor does not make you a Doctor but this little detail was lost on our Shadow Defence Secretary.


So what chance do the people of the Falklands have if Labour EVER comes back in to power with a lying Blair number two who then appoints a Thornberry style Defence Secretary? Well I would say slim at best. And there is the problem soldiers can go and sacrifice their lives for what is a right and a just cause at the time but as Governments change and the political wind changes direction that sacrifice might just become in vain because there is always an Emily Thornberry who is willing to trample on the cost of sacrifice and freedom to reach her own political ambitions and make her own policies regardless of who and what has been done to win freedom   


 Emily Thornberry in a mock up uniform


  • by Tony McNally Posted April 7, 2016 10:10 pm

    Emily Thornberry, the shadow Defence Secretary, labelled the situation as “unacceptable” …. A bit rich… coming from a Party that would give the Falklands back to Argentina.!

    • by Edward Denmark Posted April 8, 2016 2:52 pm

      Well said

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