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It is that time of year when you see those scarlet red flowers appear on peoples coats. I guess they have come to represent a whole host of things now. Maybe that the person who wears it cares or they are Ex- military or their Grandad fought for their freedom. They even mean that the year is growing older and so are we, but the people we wear those poppies for are not growing older they are lost in often forgotten battles of long ago. Young lads and girls who fought for what was right then but might not be now? The country or indeed the world they fought for has changed and empire is frowned upon as a racist period in our history. Some people even look upon those people who made the ultimate sacrifice as politically challenged warmongers who had no place in such savagery. The whole notion that we should engage in any war is abhorrent and has no place in modern society.


A following and even and industry has now grown around opposing, even hating the horrors of war and those who seek it or take part in it. War, soldiers poppies are seen as being politically incorrect targets of the so called peace lovers. The Peace Pledge Union (PPU). Who supply the white poppy as an alternative to the red poppy say in their campaign


There are three elements to the meaning of white poppies: they represent remembrance for all victims of war, a commitment to peace and a challenge to attempts to glamorise or celebrate war.


As a man who has been in war I can tell them first hand anyone with a modicum of intelligence knows there is nothing glamourous about war. The sight of innocent women and children who have become casualties of war are never forgotten.commitment to peace red-poppy-on-black-and-white do they really think that anyone who has engaged in war does not want a commitment to peace? Sadly that will never happen, and regardless of how many white poppies they wear it will never bring peace.


However that red Scarlet symbol means that those who gave their lives are remembered despite changing moods and political correctness. Tommy still has a place in our hearts.


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