British Prime Minister David Cameron took the unusual step on Sunday of publishing his tax records to try to end days of questions about his personal wealth caused by the mention of his late father’s offshore fund in the Panama Papers. So the Prime Minister is guilty of at least being a hypocrite? Or is he? So let’s assume that his late Father did put money off shore to hide it from being taxed and his intentions were greed? So what?, in the big scheme of politics and business if David Cameron’s Father put that money off shore so he would pay less tax and his son benefited after his death it hardly makes Cameron the villain of the century? I am no fan of Cameron so this is not a measure of support. Look at what damage Tony Blair has done to this country with his open door policy on immigration that has and will now forever cost this country and thus the tax payer, you £Billions and his folly of invading Iraq and such of which he and is dreadful wife Chery still benefit from, and this nation is concerned about David Cameron’s Father making an investment that millions of other British people are doing. What is the cost of Cameron’s Fathers investment? Financially peanuts, in honesty it will impact on Cameron but he has bigger problems with Brexit looming.


thMP-Jeremy-Corbyn-w_3469446bI would prefer Cameron at the helm regardless of his Fathers investment profiting him than the likes of Tony Blair or Jeremy Corbyn who is such a crackpot that if he was ever to gain power would destroy this country in heartbeat. Jeremy Corbyn Has an admiration for any organisation or individual who hates the UK the very country he is trying to be leader of. He has courted Jerry Adams and Martin McGuinness Sinn Fein and Allegedly IRA gunmen all this whilst bombs were going off both in Northern Ireland and here on the British mainland killing innocent men women and even children but this man saw it okay to have cosy little chats with them. Really, is this the best that Labour has because they as a political party are really scraping the barrel if that is who they think should represent them? Dave isn’t a saint but he isn’t a Blair or Corbyn either so let’s be grateful for that at least, so let’s get our priorities right        

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