Political correctness: The killer

Political correctness: The killer

Portrait of man with mouth covered with tape

Twin towers, London, Paris, and Brussels. Where next? Well its somewhere in Europe that is for sure and it will come as sure as night follows day. There will rightly be anger and sorrow and there will be people looking to blame the Authorities for not stopping it and the UK will have what seems like a weekly COBRA meeting that will result in what the last meeting achieved and then David Cameron will tell the indigenous Christian population about the virtues of Islam. People will then change their profile picks on facebook to that of the country whose citizens have been murdered to the national flag and so it goes on until the next time. But real debate and honest analysis will be stymied by an enemy as ruthless as the mad mullahs Political Correctness.        

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  • by Terry wild. Posted March 27, 2016 12:37 pm

    I enjoyed the book, not for queen and country was I thought an honest account of service in the British army. I also agree totally on Edward denmarks views on political correctness.

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