Liar, Liar pants on fire

Liar, Liar pants on fire

A former minister has announced that she is abandoning Brexit and defecting to the Remain campaign in protest at its “hate and xenophobia”.


Baroness Warsi has accused Michael Gove, the Eurosceptic Justice Secretary, of “peddling complete lies” and said her final decision was prompted by a Nigel Farage-backed poster depicting Syrian refugees with the slogan “breaking point”. Baroness Warsi, a former chairman of the Conservative Party, told The Times: “That ‘breaking point’ poster really was, for me, the breaking point to say ‘I can’t go on supporting this’. Are we prepared to tell lies, to spread hate and xenophobia just to win this campaign? For me that’s a step too far.


 Sayeeda Hussain Warsi, Baroness Warsi, is very often offended by matters that concern Muslim issues and that really is about as far as her loyalty to the United Kingdom goes. She resigned from Government because she felt so strongly about Britain’s lack of action on Israel’s legitimate right of self-defence against her Islamic heroes’ violence against Israel. She has been investigated on matters of financial irregularities  but still she was deemed worthy of being made a Baroness maybe because she is of Pakistan origin and in today’s Great Britain that in itself is worthy of such an accolade. However the real issue is this, the less than honest Baroness or as she should be known Warsi is old news she is a in Parliament speak “Without Portfolio” in others words a washed up bitter old Aunty who has had her day but in her world timing is everything and in order to make headlines she had to pretend she was a Brexit voter and then further pretend she was offended by the Leave Campaigns poster showing the economic migrants heading for Europe.  Impact and timing are crucial for old Aunty Sayheeda and so she made the headlines when in truth any migrants who pour in to our crowed country and dilute our culture even more are okay by her. I just hope even the “Stay voters” can see past this pathetic Aunty who continues to cry wolf over and over, As long as it involves Muslims.    




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