Labour no more

Labour no more

Naz Shah the Bradford West MP has been suspended by the Labour party for suggesting Israel should be moved to the United States. Shah has since apologised.


The truth is that if he had his way Jeremy Corbyn would have ignored the whole thing because the Labour Party is riddled with Anti-Semitism after many years of gaining members who have a hatred of Israel and Jews alike. If that had been a Jewish Member of Parliament making such racist comment about a Muslim subject there would have been an outcry and I am sure the police would have come knocking.  The ugly truth is that Naz Shah is not sorry not one tiny bit and her views remain unaltered but she is towing the line at the moment. The entire Labour Party is rotten from top to bottom and that rot starts with Jeremy Corbyn. Corbyn has always been the darling of anyone who is anti-British or anti-Establishment, the aging hippy who has never grown up. What this ignorant modern day Lord Haw Haw has never grasped is that he is just a “useful idiot” to the ever growing number of Jew hating Muslims that are slowly taking over the Labour party with only one agenda “their own cause”  They dropped George Galloway in a heartbeat for Naz Shah and Galloway still hasn’t worked it out.  


The Labour Party title is now laughable.   




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