From Dick Whittington to Sadiq Khan

From Dick Whittington to Sadiq Khan

Sadiq Khan shared a platform with five Islamic extremists at a political meeting where women were told to use a separate entrance, the Evening Standard can reveal. sadiq1aLabour’s candidate for Mayor of London took part with an activist who has threatened “fire throughout the world”, a supporter of terror group Hamas, a preacher who backs an Islamic state and a Muslim leader accused of advocating attacks on the Royal Navy if it stopped arms being smuggled into Gaza.


Whatever reason Sadiq Khan gives for this event it is simply not good enough. He is an intelligent man a Lawyer who knows the political field as well as anyone. He has political advisors who know who is who, so why was he in a position where he was sharing a platform with people who wish harm on our country? Because Sadiq Khan is a confused man who will now be wide open to manipulation from people of the same faith, Muslims, Muslims who see themselves as Muslims and not British. People who will use him to promote their own values above loyalty or ambition to the country that they live in but do not necessarily call home. If Sadiq Khan is so easily fooled is he really that right person to elect as the Lord Mayor of London? For he is no Dick Whittington      

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