Enemies no more

Enemies no more

Since serving in the Falklands/ Malvinas war where my job was to shoot down Argentine jet fighters I have often wondered over the years what it was like for the Argentine military and how they dealt with their memories of that brutal war. I suppose that is how it would have stayed but for the advent of Facebook and with it the opportunity for former enemies to get in contact with each other. I have and am in contact with many of my former enemies who I now consider friends.


 I respect that there are people on both sides who find it impossible to forgive and forget and I respect that and given the issue of Sovereignty is still disputed it makes it even harder. However I am more than happy to be friends with these people who I have found to be friendly respectful and more importantly they share an experience only we know.


One such veteran is Julio Herrera Vidal and his wife Laura and two children son Nacho and daughter Maia. Julio like me was serving in the military and fate dealt him the same card as me so we ended up in the same war on opposite sides.  Now however I am proud to call Julio my brother in arms and I salute not only his courage but that of his fellow Argentine brothers.   



  • by . Posted May 13, 2016 12:57 am

    I am currently living in Argentina having originally moved here from the US through marriage. I have heard a great deal regarding this war living here the past 9 years from various people. My wife is a Vidal, cousin of Julio Herrera Vidal. Julio made sure that I saw this article as he also feels the brotherhood in arms. Wonderful article about two brave men who defended their countries interests in opposing forces only to become close friends in “life”. Thank you, both of you!

    • by Edward Denmark Posted May 13, 2016 8:56 am

      Thank you for your kind words. I think the way forward between any former enemies is to become friends. War is as your cousin knows a terrible thing and it leaves its mark forever. Whatever happens regarding those Islands will be decided not by us but by future generations. We as soldiers were given a job to do and that is what we did, but make no mistake your countrymen fought hard and with courage. But now we don’t need courage we need compassion and friendship and we need to help one another heal and be better people for all we have been through.

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