Chennai Six

Chennai Six

The Chennai Six


In October 2013 Six British men were arrested by the Indian Government. Those six men remain in prison to this day.

The six men were on board the American-owned anti-piracy vessel the MV Seaman Guard Ohio. The men were carrying out Anti-piracy operations when the vessel was boarded by the Indian coastguard who then discovered the legally held weapons and ammunition necessary for the very dangerous work the men were doing. Despite having all the correct paperwork these men were arrested and detained. In January 2016 they were found guilty by the court and sentenced to five years imprisonment.    Ray TindallBilly IrvingNick DunnJohn ArmstrongPaul TowersNick Simpson

All six men are former soldiers who have given service to this country and the fact they continue to rot in a squalid Indian jail is an injustice that needs looking at immediately by the British Government.


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