BBC Crimminal waste of money

BBC Crimminal waste of money

The BBC an organisation paid for by all of us has just revealed what it pays to what it considers to be its stars, stars to them but not us.


Graham Norton: £899,000, yes this self-opinionated man who loses no opportunity to add his vile sexual innuendoes in to all his commentary some of it so vulgar that it is nauseating at best, is paid £899,000 from the public purse.

Gary Lineker: £1.8million the man who is more boring than watching paint dry takes the public purse for £1.8million.  Alex Jones: £450,000 who can’t even follow her script


Presenter, Laura Kuenssberg  nintchdbpict000313530050nintchdbpict000339864060wsjwdhGRjfViGjk-800x450-noPadnintchdbpict000339911643£249,999 The most left wing news reporter on the television who puts her own political slant on everything should be paid this amount of money from the public purse is an absolute disgrace and I would say almost criminal.


This outdated organisation that shows nothing but political biases to everything it touches is taking this country for fools and it is up to our Members of Parliament to put a stop to it now. Every other channel has to survive on its own merit and business platform but the BBC. The BBC has cart blanch to put anything on our screens because it matters not whether its successful the money is pouring in regardless. Is it any wonder this bloated organisation has turned from a public servant into the politically biased monster it has become. It puts its own political left wing view in to all its programs even altering history programs to fit in with its own agenda regardless of fact. And now we see just what it is really doing with the money it takes from people who can hardly afford it. I have long been a critic of this terrible organisation but even I had no idea how many unscrupulous second rate has beens were riding this out of control gravy train.


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