Army of Sycophants

Army of Sycophants

Just recently there has been an advert on television for the British army. The advert is about recruitment and inclusion. It shows British soldiers on an active patrol in a rural setting when they stop to let one soldier “A Muslim” remove his boots put on a bright white religious hat, roll out a prayer mat and begin praying on the ground whilst the rest of the (I assume Christian) patrol look on. At one point the radio comes on and the patrol commander raises his hand to tell the radio operator to silence it so it doesn’t interrupt the Muslim soldier’s prayers.Different people will take different views of this advert. What I see, is in the first instance is absolute stupidity on a level I never thought possible followed by appeasement and patronisation.




Why is it that the British Government and that who is behind this advert are so desperate to recruit Muslims into the British army? Are they trying to win them onside in the misguided hope all the Mohammad’s from the ghettos of the UK will suddenly see this advert and feel an overwhelming British passion flow through them and run to the nearest recruiting office to join up? It is never going to happen. I would suggest those who commissioned this advert find out the real statistics of how many British Muslims have gone to fight for ISIS and how many have joined the British army?

The Advert itself is simply stupid. As an Ex-soldier I can only imagine the response I would have received during an air raid in the Falklands war if I had said to my commander “Sorry boss I can’t shoot any aircraft down at the moment because I need to pray? Or patrolling a hostile council house estate in Northern Ireland I shout out to the feral youths throwing bricks and petrol bombs “Can you hold on whilst I prayer please?”


I’m sorry but the people responsible for this advert are simply out of touch with the Muslim community but more importantly the British army. I do know however if they continue the British army will no longer be fit for purpose if it isn’t already?

  • by Joan Posted March 1, 2018 11:28 am

    Edward I am so proud of you… cannot wait to read your books. Joanx

    • by Edward Denmark Posted July 11, 2018 12:00 pm

      Thanks so much Joan

  • by Dave Posted March 1, 2018 12:37 pm

    It’s the same old story, the majority pandering to the minorities. Meanwhile the enemy draws a bead on your section when they spot the white skull cap bobbing up and down. And your section is put at risk from IED’s because you can’t have the sniffer dog out with you because your Muslim section member hates dogs.

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