A great injustice

A great injustice

Alexander Blackman is a convicted murderer. He is also a former Royal Marine sergeant who risked his life for his country in a bloody deployment to Afghanistan.


Alexandra Blackman was judged by people based on evidence that was presented to them. What they were never privy to was the real evidence of emotion, fear and the state of mind war has on the human condition. It matters not how many experts you gather or indeed how much analysis you draw from experts. The real facts are that war is war and whatever those in their ivory towers wish it cannot be fought with a civil and caring mind. War and benevolence are oil and water.


Sergeant Al Blackman is NOT a murderer he is a causality of war nothing more and nothing less. Added to that though is he is the result of politically correct world who give their dirty jobs to others and then stand in judgment when the sugar coating comes off  and shows just how dirty that job is.


In time to come it is not Al Blackman who will be judged but the system that let him down. He is and always will be an innocent man.



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